INTHEKNOW is a creator agency, formed after many requests from Influencers requiring an agency that could help them grow, connect them with brands and nurture them, the same way sister agency WIZARD, builds and takes care of brands putting personal service and sales first. Working with Influencers globally, everyone is important however big or small.

INTHEKNOW is extremely well connected through WIZARD’S global contacts due to handling some of the world’s leading beauty and lifestyle brands. and connects brands with the ‘right’ Influencer and advises on campaign strategies and content that will give quantitative and meaningful results. Social media marketing is one of the most important elements in a brand’s strategy and we make sure you get it right.

Specialising in beauty, wellness, fashion and lifestyle, INTHEKNOW manages the careers and partnerships for social talent the world over. We understand what makes an influencer campaign bold, engaging and a sales driver.